Warehouse management wms for ERP


In today’s distributed computing world the need has never been greater for a simple means to integrate disparate systems.  Seamlessly moving information from system to system enhances the overall value of the solution by eliminating the need for multiple entries and ensuring that the integrity of the data is maintained.

Download Accellos Warehouse Brochure Here

The AccellosOne Integration Framework provides a services based means of exchanging key information between an Accellos solution, like our WMS, and a third party solution, like an ERP system.  It forms the single “doorway” into and out of an Accellos solution to ensure that business rules established by the system administrator are honored as information flows between the systems.

The Integration Framework also simplifies the task of mapping information that may be specific to a customer into the common gateway which allows a high degree of customize-ability without the need for custom programming.

Key Capabilities:

  • Service oriented approach to integration
  • Loosely coupled for ease of change
  • All services are autonomous allowing for resiliency
  • All communication endpoints are implemented using Microsoft WCF
  • Implemented on the latest Microsoft .Net

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