Highjump Accellos One Warehouse Management System Features

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Highjump Accellos One Warehouse Management System acts as the hub of your supply chain solution, integrating accounting/order and shipping software systems, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, radio frequency and barcode hardware, and warehouse automation equipment.

Combining radio frequency and barcode technology with a robust, three-tiered, Internet-based architecture, AccellosOne Warehouse delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time warehouse management system that helps you boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment times, increase customer satisfaction and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Highjump Accellos One WMS achieves this level of ROI through order accuracy, on time shipping, minimizing inventory carry costs, and decreasing labor costs.  Today’s warehouse managers are consistently finding that 2 to 5% improvement across various performance metrics can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in bottom-line returns to the business.  Using AccellosOne Warehouse you are able to eliminate manual order checking by automating processes to improve your picking and receiving functions, allowing you to process more orders at a much higher level of accuracy.

HighJump Accellos One Warehouse Features and Benefits:

  • Voice Picking
  • Minimize write-downs and write-offs
  • Integration platform between the warehouse and your ERP, order management, ecommerce or purchasing system(s)
  • Wireless Picking and Receiving
  • Order Management
  • Multi-Zone picking
  • Lots/Serial/Expiry management
  • Kitting
  • Container Receiving
  • License Plates
  • Carton Splitting
  • Putaway/Slotting
  • Multi-Location/Site Transfer
  • RMAs
  • Packaging Carousels/Conveyors
  • Multi-Company/3PL
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Toolkit
  • RFID Toolkit


Highjump Accellos One Warehouse Integrations

Shipping systems – With varying levels of integration, Accellos One Warehouse management system interfaces with shipping systems such as ClipperShip, UPS Worldship, FedEx, Canpar and Purolator. Accellos One Warehouse sends order, carton, addressee and tracking data to the shipping system and receives back carrier, service, and shipment cost data, which it then passes on to the accounting system.

EDI systems– Accellos One Warehouse management system generates all data required in standard advance shipping notices (ASNs) in standard EDI format.

Radio frequency (RF)/wireless devices – Accellos One Warehouse management system interfaces with Symbol, Intermec, PSC, AML and Dolphin handheld access points and handheld computers/barcode scanners used by warehouse staff to record movements of stock into, out of and inside the warehouse.

Barcode label printers – Accellos One Warehouse management system interfaces with Zebra and Intermec barcode printers to print product labels, bin labels, and shipping and courier labels, among many others.

Warehouse automation equipment – Accellos One Warehouse assists in materials handling by integrating with various types of equipment used in the warehouse, such as scales, cubing machines, conveyor belts and carousels.

Serving the Mid Atlantic Region: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia

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