Netsuite Warehouse Management System


Whether you are currently using NetSuite for your ERP system or are contemplating a move to the cloud, you have shown a preference for managing your business with the flexibility of cloud technologies.  Accellos has partnered with NetSuite to extend the NetSuite ERP to include best-of-breed distribution functionality delivered through the cloud.

Download Accellos WMS System Brochure Here

Accellos has developed a powerful set of supply chain solutions designed specifically for NetSuite Cloud ERP users to bring your distribution and warehouse operation in-line with your sales, purchasing and accounting functions.  Accellos leverages our seamless integration into NetSuite ERP to extend your savings into your supply chain operations by eliminating hours of manual data entry.

The AccellosOne suite of products were built to both empower and to automate your supply chain process.  One of the places you’ll find immediate savings is in the warehouse.  AccellosOne Cloud WMS  combines radio frequency, barcode technology, and a robust Internet-based architecture which delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time warehouse management system that helps you boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment times and increase customer satisfaction.

The Accellos Warehouse SuiteApp integrates seamlessly and in real-time with the NetSuite ERP business system through a standard Accellos interface. The app can be implemented on-premise or hosted in a public or private cloud.

Key benefits of AccellosOne Cloud WMS include:

  • Improving accuracy, efficiency and compliance by just 2-5% can result in increased capacity and hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings
  • Modular design with integration-friendly architecture makes it simple to upgrade or add new modules, meaning you only pay for what you need
  • Both offer options between SaaS pricing models and traditional software licensing, allowing you to choose the finance option that is right for your business
  • Most functionality is provided out-of-box, minimal customization will help reduce implementation costs
  • Integrates picking, receiving and shipping processes
    • Purchase orders are entered into NetSuite, automatically pulled into AccellosOne Cloud WMS in real-time, and can then receive in with a handheld scanner
  • Complete warehouse inventory visibility with dashboard analytics, pivot tables and 75 prebuilt warehouse KPIs (e.g. monitor workforce productivity and order cycle time)
  • Web-centric design gives you the ability to allow internal and external users visibility into the status of warehouse operations
  • Role-based user-friendly interface that can be customized by the user for specific needs
  • Excellent performance for 10-250 simultaneous warehouse users
  • Typically 90 days to go live means faster ROI and higher profits
  • North American-based support with strong certified partner channels in several countries capable of providing full support
  • Technical administration such as back-up and system availability monitoring provided by Accellos
  • Software updates included as part of the service
  • Ability to personalize system to meet needs of specific distribution centers
  • Successful customers in the following verticals:
    • Multi-channel, wholesale distributors, 3PL, retail, ecommerce, consumer packaged goods, medical device supply companies, food distributors, apparel and accessory distributors, publishers, and more.

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