Lets Talk Green!

There is a lot of talk and so much written about the many ways a warehouse management system can help a warehouse or distribution center be more efficient.  It is also true that a WMS can help a company gain better more accurate control of their inventory.  The number of ways a  WMS can help a company save money are quite numerous and I have addressed many of them in previous posts.  One area that is overlooked quite often when reviewing the cost savings a WMS can provide has to do with the environment.  Lets discuss the green savings a WMS will provide.


In most cases when a WMS is implemented the amount of paper  used by the warehouse is reduced significantly.  Think about it there is no longer a need to print;

  • PO’s to receive products
  • Reports to do cycle counts or physical inventories (really the need for Physical inventory disappears but I digress)
  • Pick tickets
  • Replenishment or stock move reports

Your particular operation may produce special needs reports as well.  By uses the RF handhelds this data is transmitted electronically to and from the WMS  and in and out of the ERP solution that the WMS is tied to.  Paper use is virtually eliminated. Less paper means more trees are saved from the axe.  Your helping to save the environment and oh by the way you are also saving a wad of money.

Then there’s the actual printing aspect.  What goes on the paper, ink.  Where does most ink come from, that’s right oil.  Then you have the power needed to run the printers.  This adds up to more savings for the environment and for your bottom line.


Most warehouses or DC’s use a few or many forklifts.  Think about all the travelling these things do in a days time.  By implementing a WMS you can reduce the travel time of your powered equipment substantially.  This saves both the energy usage and cost associated with the use and also reduces the pollutants emitted by these machines.  Again both the environment and the business win when these things are reduced.

I have listed a few things in this post where a WMS can help your operation become more environmentally sound.  I’m sure with a little more thought many other areas of savings can be revealed.  One more that comes to my mind is paper waste removal and how it effects our landfills and the related costs to our environment and  the bottom line.

Click here For more information on how a WMS can help a company be more profitable.





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